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Today I realized it, my kind of people are "wild" people. Not like people behaving wildly, drinking or sexing or whatnot. No, people like me are people that have more in common with wild animals, say a deer or something, than normal people.

If you were sitting in a garden party, chatting about work or whatnot, and a deer wandered in to your circle, everyone would stop what they were doing and look.

But no one would come back the next week and say "hey, where's the deer?" All you know is, it's gone, baby.

I know, or rather have known, a couple others like myself (it's hard to stay in touch). You hear in their lives "and then I tossed it all and started doing X" regularly. Statements like that don't even phase me, just make me curious.

That may be why I'm drawn to the stories of missionaries and hobos, stories of beginnings too, and the metaphysical. Why I like feeling a huge pile of cash, and also enjoy giving it away.

I had a friend who mentioned a word that sounded like "vargas" and my mom says "gypsy" a lot when talking to me. It's not that I fortune-tell, or wear long robes or anything, I don't even move often. It's just that normal questions don't have any importance to me. Nobody asks "What's your career plans, Mr. Deer?"
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Is it good to write here? Better than posting on FB?

Besides being able to thumb my nose at FB.

I'd say I'm boring and have little to write, but that's usually been the case. Want my sauerkraut recipe?

Also, how do I automatically crosspost this to LJ?
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Uh hi. So I'm still over at LJ, but I'm watching DW people because otherwise I'll miss out.

I'm mainly going to steal your youtubes of cats. And I'm always on the lookout for authentic writers.


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